About Us

Brimstone Interactive is an independent game development studio based in Helsinki, Finland. We're a tiny team with a big heart, bigger ambitions and an unambiguous mission: make great games.

Since our formation in 2013, team Brimstone has been hard at work on our first game, Shadow Corps, a turn-based tactics game for PC, Mac & Linux. Check it out on Steam!

Committed to quality

We're committed to producing software of the highest caliber. Doing things right sure takes time and effort, but we believe it pays off in the end.

Doing the right thing

Happy developers make happy gamers, and vice versa. We're passionate about what we do and strive for an open and honest dialogue with the community.

Platform agnostic

Fun games aren't just for (insert platform here). We specialize in Unity 3D, letting us spread the joy on PC, mobile and more!

Latest News

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